Sunday, March 18, 2012


So I finally figured out that keeping an actual recipe binder is very difficult, not to mention dangerous.  I have had to re-do several pages due to spills, splashes, drops and other messes that get made when cooking.  So I decided that I would back up all my recipes to my computer.

That got me thinking about the computer before I had this one, how it crashed so hard nothing could retrieve my files or even get the thing to acknowledge that the power button was being pressed.  I definitely don't want to go to all the work of typing up my recipes, formatting, etc just to lose them because my machine gets an attitude.

Thus, why this blog was born.  It would be pretty hard to crash the world wide Internet compared to just my computer.  Not to mention, I enjoy sharing recipes and cooking tips with others!  Nice solution, I think.

I also figured it would be a great way for me to sit down and type out my thoughts, ideas and other ramblings.  It is very helpful, for me at least, when I want to do something or get too much going on in my brain to sit down and brainstorm it out.  The problem is, I don't have an organized way  of doing so at the moment so I can go back later if I need to refresh details of something or remind myself how I came to a certain conclusion.  Now I sound like an idiot, lol, I'm just really easily distracted.

Speaking of easily distracted, I have to share an adventure I had with one of my cats (I have 2), Bouncer aka "Fat Tony."

                             Socks (on the left) and Bouncer (on the right) chillin' on the sectional

I got my two kitties at the Washington County Humane Society.  They are great.  Bouncer likes to eat, eat, eat, get petted, sleep and then go eat some more, thus the nickname.  Socks is shy, and has just learned that she can kick Bouncer's butt when he tries to steal her breakfast (which makes for some funny early morning antics in the kitchen).

So anyway, I work 3rd shift, so in the morning when I get home, I feed them, feed myself, shower and go to BED!  Without fail almost EVERY morning, Bouncer sits in the stairway and starts meowing (kind of howling is a more accurate way of describing it).  It sounds like he is yelling "He-llo, HE-LLO" and even "MAMA" on occasion.  I wouldn't have believed it except my significant other heard him one day and gave me a funny look. "Did he just call you mama?" LOL.

So anyway, usually this racket is made in the stairway.  Just a few nights ago, I awoke to a cold nose and rough tongue on my forehead.  I startled and moved my face back to see Bouncer, who yelled at the top of his lungs "He-LLO ... MAMA."  Wow, being at ground zero of that, just coming out of a deep sleep is quite a shock.  Apparently I forgot to give him breakfast and he was letting me know.

Rich (significant other) and I joke that people try to get their kids to talk for the first 2 years of their life then try to get them to shut up the rest.  I didn't teach or encourage my cat to talk, but he certainly learned how!  And although it makes me laugh sometimes, I really wish he would un-learn!

So anyway, I have rambled enough for now.  I was charged with making tacos for dinner (yes at 1am, 3rd shift workers keep an odd meal schedule) and I should get to that task.  Adios!

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